Testimonial by Angela Rarieya, DTM

Division A Director, 2020-2021

As a Toastmaster of 14 years and counting, the name Rozy Rana immediately conjures up images of a leader who is respectful towards her team members, an authority on matters Toastmasters, an individual with a willingness to serve with excellence always as well as being a mentor to countless members across District 114.

As the first DTM in our territory, Rozy was a real inspiration to me and a number of other Toastmasters – to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones and continue to grow in our personal and professional lives by Doing The Most (DTM). Indeed, after her attainment of this coveted award, a number of us followed suit because as a trailblazer. Rozy has always opened our eyes to the numerous opportunities that abound in the Toastmasters journey.

As the Managing Director of Kenya’s leading brand of coffee – Dorman’s Coffee – Rozy has brought to her Toastmasters leadership strategic acumen which yielded the quantum growth in club numbers leading to the inaugural East Africa’s Territorial Council in 2018. We remain indebted to Rozy , a visionary leader, who saw the possibility way before we thought we could make it happen and proceeded to keep that dream alive until it turned into reality.

In the past Toastmasters calendar year, I was hesitant about running for the elective office of Division Director. As my go-to advisor on matters professional and Toastmasters, Rozy walked me through the roles and responsibilities of the docket and took time to illustrate what I stood to benefit from the undertaking. Further, she shared a strategy I could employ to effectively manage the docket  thereby allaying my concerns about not having sufficient time to juggle the demands of serving in District and running my business. Seven months on, with Rozy as one of my biggest cheerleaders, I have never been more thankful for her counsel. Dr Rozy Rana DTM – a woman of substance, a Toastmaster per excellence, a trailblazer.