Testimonial by Harry Karanja DTM

Past District Director D114

In February 2013, I was scheduled to present a speech from Project 9 of the Competent Communicator manual which was Persuade with Power. My club President suggested that I speak to the club sponsor, Rozy Rana to mentor me for the speech.

Rozy Rana read my first speech draft and came back with a simple response. “The speech is fine, but it would be so much more powerful if the call to action you make is not a made up one, but something people will actually sign up for”

This advice led me to revise my speech. Instead of asking people to contribute to a made up fundraiser, I asked people to sign up as attendees to a prospective new morning club. Rozy had mentored me well in my speech, because when I made the call to action people actually said they’d want to attend the new club. I had to make the speech a reality and start the new club which went on to become one of the best clubs in our District and which has produced three past winners of the International Video Speech contest. If it wasn’t for Rozy, I’d have never realized the power of my words.

A few years later, in 2017 I was elected as Club Growth Director alongside Rozy who was the Territorial Council Chair for our newly formed Territorial Council of East Africa. Our TC was formed with 17 clubs and if I could just add 5 clubs we’d probably be the fastest growing district in the world.

But Rozy told me that we had to hold ourselves to a higher standard, our goal was 60 clubs which was the threshold to become a District. Her focus was relentless, and every time I slacked off she would remind me what we were aiming for. She would encourage, challenge, and inspire me to work towards our goal.

We closed that year with 34 clubs, the next year with 51 clubs, and were made district 3 short years later with 65 clubs. Rozy’s focus and drive spurred the entire East Africa to pursue her vision. She showed me the power of believing and never quitting.

I am now a Past District Director, in a country that was undistricted four years ago. This is a title that might never have been possible without the mentorship, guidance, and vision of Rozy Rana.