Testimonial by Kuldeep Nayer

Charter Member of Kwanza Kenya Toastmasters Club (1982), Smart Speak Toastmasters Club (2004) and Eazy Speak Toastmasters Club (2019)

I met Rozy Rana in 2005 two years after the inception of Smart Speak Toastmasters Club No. 00689391, of which I was a Charter Member. From the outset, she displayed remarkable enthusiasm, drive and passion, qualities that were to lead to her meteoric rise within the organisation.

Even as she was completing her projects, Rozy entertained thoughts of elevating our ‘un-districted’ status to that of a fully-fledged District. This would be comprised of no less than 5 countries in the East African region, namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Rwanda. While undertaking this daunting task, she continued pursuing her personal development and became the first Distinguished Toastmaster in East Africa.

Her phenomenal club growth initiative led to our region becoming the Territorial Council of East Africa in 2017, and the Provisional District of East Africa in 2018, with her as the founding Chair of each one. She herself is a Charter Member of Eazy Speak Toastmasters Club and Nairobi Toastmasters Club. Rozy has also gained valuable international experience by attending at least 8 Toastmasters International Conventions and three District conferences in South Africa.

There is no doubt that Rozy Rana’s leadership skills are strengthened by her professional experience from her role as Managing Director of Dormans Limited, one of the largest coffee exporters in East Africa. She also possesses great cultural diversity by virtue of her being an African of Asian descent in an English speaking region.

In the years that I have known Rozy, I have found her to be ambitious, focused, and a go-getter – someone who will set targets and pursue them relentlessly to fruition. She is a well organised executive with great capacity for managing people, leading and motivating teams, and multi-tasking. Her amiable and affable personality earns her great popularity among colleagues and friends, and makes her a valuable asset to any organisation or institution that she associates with.

Having entrenched East Africa firmly on the Toastmasters International map, Rozy Rana’s vim, vigour and drive should now be directed to benefit more than just the District of East Africa. This is an opportune moment, therefore, to vote for Rozy Rana as the Toastmasters International Director representing Area 114.