Testimonial by Nikki Quinn DTM


I heard Rozy’s name many years before I met her, back in 2014 or 2015 when I used to visit her home country Kenya on business. A Past International Director kept telling me to contact Rozy Rana when I next visited. I’m sad that I didn’t take that advise, because when I did finally meet Rozy, probably in 2018 I realized that dynamite does come in small packages, and I had wasted some time !!!

Rozy adds so much value to the Toastmasters organization.
I was really impressed with the growth and development that was happening in East Africa under Rozy’s leadership, I had never seen such exponential growth in Toastmasters or indeed business before and I wanted to learn from her and her team. Rozy had a vision and she made that vision a reality.

Over the last two years I have got to know Rozy well, and the first thing I always notice about Rozy when we speak is her energy & passion. Almost every member that I meet who has been a member or leader in East Africa talks about her humility and integrity, I have seen this often as she shares every success with the team that supported her taking the handful of clubs in East Africa, to a Territorial Council, a Provisional District and finally a full District.

I have also seen her displaying empathy and support for members and I have heard how fairly she treats her team at work.

Rozy is a shining example of a true servant leader, and an ideal team player too, and I look forward to working with her in our global organization for many years in the future.